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Ghanchakkar DVD Collector
  • Ghanchakkar DVD Collector

Ghanchakkar DVD Collector

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Ghanchakkar DVD Collector

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Ghanchakkar DVD Collector

Réalisateur : Raj Kumar Gupta

Avec :  Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das, Shashank Shende

Musique : Amit Trivedi

Genre :  Romantique, Comedie

Année : 2013

Origine : Inde 

Langues : Hindi  

Sous-titrages : Anglais

Durée : 137 Minutes environ

Import – Multizones

Bonus : Non

  Sanjay (Emraan Hashmi), a suave, master safe cracker, lives a retired life with Neetu (Vidya Balan), a punjabi housewife with a weird sense of fashion. Encouraged by his wife, he teams up with two dangerous criminals to commit one last heist that will ensure that they would never have to worry about money again! Everything goes according to plan - in the wee hours of the morning a bank vault is broken into and emptied of its contents - 35 crores! Sanjay is given the task of hiding the money till things cool down. Three months later Sanjay's associates return to collect their share of the loot, but to their horror discover that Sanjay has lost his memory in an accident. Is he pretending? Or does he really have no recollection of where the money is hidden? Will he be able to find the stash before a bullet finds him? Ghanchakkar is a crazy, quirky comic thriller that will