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Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi  DVD
  • Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi  DVD

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi DVD

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Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi  DVD



Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi DVD


Réalisateur : Satyen Bose

Avec : Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Anoop Kumar, Madhubala, Helen

Musique : Kishore Kumar

Genre : Romantique

Année : 1958

Origine : Inde

Langues : Hindi

Sous-titrages : Français+Anglais

Durée : 155 Minutes environ

Bonus : Non

Import – Multizones


Brijmohan belived that girls are always the cause of trouble. So he had given strict instructions that no girls car was to be repaired in their garage. Eldest brothers orders had to be obeyed. But Manmohan had to do otherwise, one rainy night. Mannu wanted to avoid but as Renu was the daughter of Seth Kishan Chand he could not. Renu not only got her car repaired but also drove away without paying her bill. Subsequently Mannu had to run after Renu for his money. Meetings between Renu & Mannu was disliked by Brijmohan & Kumar Prakash. But Mannu & Renu were ready to face any hardships and this determination made Mannu to oppose Brijmohans queer ideas. Both of them put on gloves. Mannu lost in boxing bout but ultimately he won.