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Around The World DVD

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Movie Name : Around The World


Movie Name : Around The World
Year of Release : 1967
Director : Pachhi
Subtitle : Francais + English
Music Director : Shankar
Cast : Rajshree, Ameeta, Mehmood, Raj Kapoor, Pran, Raj Mehra, Achla Sachdev, Vishwa Mehra, Om Prakash, Pachhi

This is the story of Simpleton Raju who lived in his own dream of world. He was on look at for the girl who could change his life and give him support. Days and nights were spent on ship by doing labour jobs. Until desting changed his life and beautiful women entered his life and with just eight dollars in pocket, he was able to go AROUND THE WORLD with his beloved and there found true happiness in life inspite of all obstacles on his way and spread the message of love, unity and peace. AROUND THE WORLDS