Do Aur Do Paanch - DVD
  • Do Aur Do Paanch - DVD

Do Aur Do Paanch - DVD

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Réalisé par : Rakesh Kumar



Réalisé par : Rakesh Kumar

Avec : Amitabh Bachchan, Sashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Parveen Babi
Musique : Rajesh Roshan
Genre : Romantique/Action
Durée : 175 Minutes environs
Année : 1980
Sous titrage:
Import - Multizones

The story is about a lonely child Bittu whose father is a very busy man. Bittu is taken care by nannies, who not only try to save him, but scare him. Because of their behavior, they are discontinued by his teacher Shalu.

Uncle appoints Sunil, a jail bird to get the child from the school. He disguises himself as a school teacher and finds that nother jail bird Vijay has also come to kidnap the child. In the process, Shalu falls in love with Sunil and Anju falls for Vijay.

Eventually, they try to avoid the girls as they were a hindrance in their mission. But in the end, they join hands to save Bittu from the culprit Uncle. And they win the heart of Bittu and the girls.