Moh Maya Money DVD
  • Moh Maya Money DVD

Moh Maya Money DVD

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Moh Maya Money DVD

Réalisateur : Munish Bhardwaj

Avec : Ranvir Shorey, Neha Dhupia, Devendra Chauhan, Vidushi Mehra

Genre : Romance

Année : 2017

Origine : Inde

Langues : Hindi

Sous-titres : Français + Anglais

Durée : 135 Minutes environ

Import – Multizones

Bonus : Non

Moh Maya Money is a story about Delhi-based Aman, employed as a real estate broker in a multinational, who often skims money from his company. His greed for the good life gets the better of him when he finds out about a huge deal in his company. For a bigger piece of the pie he passes that opportunity to Raghuveer, a small-time real estate broker and a thug. Through a series of unfortunate events the deal snowballs, putting him and his wife, Divya, in danger. To fix things, he involves his wife in this desperate white collar crime which entangles complete strangers, leading to an end neither could imagine.