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Madaari DVD Collector

Réalisateur : Nishikant Kamat

Avec : Irfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi, Vishesh Bansal, Nitish Pandey

Musique :  Vishal Bhardwaj

Genre :  Drame

Année : 2016

Origine : Inde 

Langues : Hindi
Sous-titres : Anglais

Durée : 145 Minutes environ

Import – Multizones

Bonus : Non

Lorsque Rohan Goswami, 10 ans, fils du ministre d’État Prashant Goswami se fait enlever par un inconnu, la nouvelle ébranle non seulement le ministre et sa famille mais également le cabinet. Malgré les tentatives de désinformation du gouvernement, l’affaire fait rapidement la une des médias. Le ravisseur est un certain Nirmal Kumar, citoyen lambda dont personne n’avait entendu parler jusque-là. Il est rapidement catalogué comme terroriste et cela permet au gouvernement de faire appel à son unité antiterroriste. Nachiket Verma, chef de cette unité, est chargé de retrouver Nirmal Kumar et de le neutraliser. La demande de ce dernier surprend tout le monde : Il ne veut pas d’argent, mais exige une explication publique du ministre Goswami sur les vraies causes d’une catastrophe dans laquelle son fils à lui a trouvé la mort…

A social media driven rumour, backed by a single defiant lowly news channel called Strawberry TV hits all of India. The ten year old son of the Home Minister has been kidnapped. A choric group of people from all over India react to this rumour, some believing it, others expressing total disbelief because they believe that the powerful cannot be touched in this country. Unfortunately the rumour yet unconfirmed by the PMO is true. Rahul has been kidnapped on the way back from a nightly excursion.
The HM, his advisors and the man in charge of the investigation Jt. Dir. CBI Nachiket Verma are trying to zero in on the kidnappers. Who might they be? Terrorists? Naxalites? Men operating at the behest of the opposition or powerful criminals? Or was it a case of mistaken identity?
The answer is none of these as the kidnapper soon gets in touch with them himself. He is just another father whose son has gone missing. We do not know where. It is his son that he wants them to find and then he will return the HM's son. A normal techie by profession, the kidnapper Nirmal has reached a state of madness where death and consequences do not scare him anymore. As the cat and mouse game to catch him continues, as the increasingly fickle sympathies of the public oscillate between one father at one time and the other at another, a shocking fact comes out of it all.