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Hameshaa DVD

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Hameshaa DVD



Hameshaa DVD

Réalisé par : Sanjay Gupta

Avec : Saif Ali Khan, Kajol, Aditya Panscholi, Aroona Irani, Laxmikant Berde
Musique : Anu Malik
Genre : Romantique
Durée : 145 minutes
Année : 1997
Sous titrage:
Francais + Anglais
Import multizones

Two close friends, Yash and Raja, share a passion for cars and beautiful women. Both come from different backgrounds, while Yash is wealthy, Raja comes from a poor family. Raja meets with Reshma, who is attending a nearby college, and falls in love with her. Reshma eventually also falls in love with him. When Yash meets Reshma, he also instantly falls in love with her. When Yash finds out that Reshma loves Raja, he has both of them tragically separated. Several years later, Raja is reborn as Raju, Reshma is reborn as Rani Sharma, and Yash is reborn as Yash Vardhan. And again the three form a love triangle, but will this reincartion too end tragically for the two lovers, is a question only the future can answer.