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Réalisateur : Imtiaz Ali

Avec : Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor

Musique : Pritam

Genre : Romantique

Année : 2015

Origine : Inde

Langues : Hindi

Sous-titres : Français + Anglais

Durée : 150 Minutes environ

Import – Multizones

Bonus : non


En Corse, une touriste indienne fait la rencontre d’un compatriote. Ils passent d’agréables moments ensemble, puis chacun rentre en Inde de son côté. Quelques années plus tard, ils se retrouvent, mais doivent se réapprivoiser.

Armed with this life lesson, cute kid Ved from Shimla, who hates math and loves spinning yarns, keeps taking off on flights of fantasy. His first grown up adventure is an incognito trip to Corsica. He bumps into Tara, a beautiful Indian girl, on that breathtaking island and both of them promise they will not ask each other any questions, will not have sex and will go their separate ways, once this vacation ends. But of course, Cupid has other plans.Back in India, Tara pines for Ved. Four years after that chance meeting, she is still drawn to that enigmatic 'free bird' who she met on an island.He, on the other hand, hasn't even had time to let his real feelings surface. His humdrum existence, as a project manager in a high-tech Delhi firm, has him feeling stifled in a tie and pitching bids he doesn't believe in.The clandestine lovers from France rekindle their affair in India. But when Ved proposes, Tara retorts that she loved the free-spirited man she met on vacation, not this mechanised robot. From there on the film meanders.