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Bazaar DVD

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Bazaar DVD



Bazaar DVD

Réalisateur : Sagar Sarhadi 
Avec :  Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh, Supriya Pathak
Musique : Khayyam        
Genre : Romantique
Année : 1982
Origine : Inde  
Langues :  Hindi 
Sous-titrages : Français + Anglais
Durée : 145 Minutes environ
Bonus :   Non
Import – Multizones

Bazaar is the story of a conflict.

On one side, a dying feudalistic society living with outmoded norms.

On the other side, a sick consumer society in which human beings are reduced to commodities saleable in the market.

In the market place of life the cheapest object to be sold is the woman.

In this conflict of values how many loving hearts break, how many dreams turn into ashes, how much innocence is destroyed, as we stand,mute spectators,helpless,dumb.

Bazaar is a mirror of us all.