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Saugandh DVD

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Saugandh DVD



Réalisé par :Raj Sippy

Avec : Akshay Kumar, Shanti Priya, Mukesh Khanna, Rakhee
Musique : Anand Milind
Genre : Action/Drame familial
Durée :145 mn
Année : 1991
Sous titrage:
Francais + Anglais
Import multizones

Une histoire d’amour et de guerre.
They say everything is fair in love and war. Nut Saugandh is a story of not only love. Thakur Sarang (Mukesh Khanna) is a man who dos not beleive in love, because of love he is responsible for six deaths Ganga's (Rakhee) family including his own sister. Ganga is return wants revenge but not in the form of war but in the form of love. Her aim in life is nothing but to see Sarang on his knees for which she prays to god to give her a son and give Sarang a daughter so she could train his own to such an external that he brings Sarang's dauhter as her daughter in law.