Jai Kishen DVD

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Jai Kishen  DVD




Jai Kishen DVD


Réalisateur : Sunil Agnihotri

Avec : Akshay Kumar, Ayesha Jhulka

Musique : Anand-Milind

Genre : Romantique

Année : 1994

Origine : Inde

Langues : Hindi

Sous-titrages : Français+Anglais

Durée : 145 Minutes environ

Bonus : Non

Import – Multizones


JAI-KISHEN is a story of twin sons of Inspector Pratap Singh, who is honest, brave and a dedicated police officer. His only aim in life is to wipe out crime and all the law breakers from the society. These law breakers are none other than Anitya Koli, Kaaliya Shirek and Futarmal Patel.

One day Pratap Singh succeeds in putting these three law breakesrs behind the bars. But no sooner they are released on bail, they killed Pratap Singh - Jai and Kishen are separated from each other.

Blind Jai grows with his mother while Kishen grows up like an orpahn , and turns into a jewel thief.

Time passes.

One day Jai and Kishen meet and once again time takes its own course. Together Jai-Kishen fight the evil and make the law breakers bite the dust.