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Maa (Dharmendra) DVD

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Maa (Dharmendra) DVD



Maa (Dharmendra) DVD

Réalisateur : M.A.Thirmugam
Producteur :*****

Avec : Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Ajit, Nirupa Roy
Musique : Laxmikant Pyarelal
Parolier : *****
Genre : Romantique
Année : 1976
Langues : Hindi
Durée : 175 Minutes environ
Sous-titrages: Français + Anglais
Bonus : Non
Import – Multizones

The bond between a mother and child is the most strongest and perhaps the most unselfish, at least from the mother point of view. Maa, the movie, delves into this relationship. Laden around a plot involving the relationship of an elephant cow and her calf, it re-establishes the universal bond of unselfish love. Vijay a poacher, who supplies trapped animals to Balraj a smuggler, never realize the intensity of harm he does to the animals when he separates their babies. However, things change when an elephant cow in a fit of anger kills his mother. Vijay realizes his mistake, only after loosing his own mother. Vijay separates himself from Balraj with a gigantic task ahead of him to rescue the baby elephant. Vijay sets out to do the needful. Is Vijay successful in his task ? Is he able to rescue the baby elephant ? Does the elephant cow get its baby back ?