Majboor(new) - DVD
  • Majboor(new) - DVD

Majboor(new) - DVD

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Majboor - DVD


Majboor - DVD

Avec Asrani, Johnny Lever, Kader Khan, Prem Chopra, Shakti Kapoor, Sunny Deol, Jayapradha, Ashok Kumar, Jeetendra

Réalisé par : T.Rama Rao
Musique : Laxmikant Pyarelal
Langue: Hindi
Genre: Drame
Langue : Hindi
Sous titres : Anglais

Import - Multizones

Honest Retired Judge Justice Deenanath (Ashok Kumar) lives with a happy life with his wife (Seema deo) and 2 sons, Lawyer Ravi(Jeetendra)and Inspector Sunil (Sunny deol).They also have a little 7 year old girl whom they have adopted. One day Ravi brings home a poor girl Sharda (Jayaprada) to rehabilitate as she has no place to live after her father's death. The family likes Sharda and subsequently all arrange Ravi and Sharda's wedding. But on the wedding day a prisoner Jankidas (Shakti Kapoor) suddenly arrives and claims Sharda as his wife. Every one is shocked including the Mayor (Prem Chopra), who was present. Sharda runs away from the wedding mandap and Deenanath dies of shock.

The family is further shattered when Ravi leaves home to live with Sharda. Jankidas again claims Sharda as his wife and this time during a conflict with Ravi one of his henchmen gets killed and Ravi is implicated. Sunil arrests his elder brother for the crime. How the misunderstanding is solved makes up the rest of the film.