Sangharsh - DVD
  • Sangharsh - DVD

Sangharsh DVD

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Réalisateur : Tanuja Chandra

Avec : Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta, Ashutosh Rana
Musique : Jatin Lalit
Lyrics : Mukesh Sharma
Genre : Romantique
Année : 1999
Langues : Hindi
Durée : 145 Minutes environ
Sous-titrages: Français + Anglais
Import – Multizones

Sangharsh is the story of a Criminal & Cop who fall in love with each other. Reet Oberoi, a Delhi based CBI agent is given the task to hunt down a serial killer named LajjaShankar, who is on a killing spree and is believed to be a psychopath. To find out more about LajjaShankar, Reet meets several people who had connections with the mass murderer. One of the people she meets is Aman Verma, a Casanova gangster now locked up in jail and serving a life sentence who was a very close friend of LajjaShankar at one time. Reet finds out that only Aman can truly help her find LajjaShankar but in this process she falls in love with Aman.