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Bagavat DVD

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Bagavat DVD



Réalisateur : Ramanand Sagar

Avec : Amjad Khan, Hema Malini, Reena Roy, Dharmendra
Musique : Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Genre : Romantique
Durée : 175 Minutes environ
Année : 1982
Langues : Hindi
Sous-titrages: Français + Anglais + Allemand + Espagnol + Italien + Portugais
Import - Multizones

BAGHAVAT is the saga of Amar(Dharmendra), a prince who grows up inthe colorful world of gypsies, and later spear heads a rebellion, against the tyranny of an evil ruler(Amjad Khan)
BAGHAVAT is the story of a princess(Hema Malini)whose pride and arrogance are enslaved by the gypsy, Amar, who transforms her into a lovable woman.
BAGHAVAT is also a story of a fiery gypsy maiden(Reena Roy) who immortalizes her love for Amar by Staking her life for him and his cause.
There is also, in BAGHAVAT, the touching tale of a mother an exiled queen pining for her long - lost son.
BAGHAVAT is passion and merriment embellished with colour, music and dance.
It is a lavishly mounted entertainer that recaptures the old world charm of Indian Kings, their people, their intrigues, their battles in all their pageantry and splendor.