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Bhai - DVD

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Movie Name : Bhai



Movie Name : Bhai
Year of Release : 1997
Genre : Action
Director : Deepak Shivdasani
Music Director : Anand-Milind
Subtitles : Francais + English
Cast : Suniel Shetty, Om Puri, Sonali Bendre, Pooja Batra, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor

Sunil and his younger brother Krishna live in remote village which is near to the sensitive border line of the country. Inspector Khare is In-charge of the region who come to the village and terrorise poor villagers charging them that they provide shelters, food to the terrorists. Sunil protest Khare's atrocity and he is mercilessly beaten up by the Inspector. Krishna and Sunil decide to move to the city. They come to the city. Here David and Malik gang clash for their supremacy. Sunil is arrested by the City Police but Om, the layer comes to his and other's rescue. Sunil wants his brother to be admitted to city school but he has no money. Krishna gets admission with the help of Sonali and her sister. Om is killed by the goondas. Sunil is an eye-witness to the crime. Sunil is married to Sonali and they have a child. David and Malik try to stretch their heinous act with the help of corrupt Minister but Sunil starts retaliation. Inspector Kapoor is an honest and upright police officer but he has limitation. He sees potential in Sunil who can eliminate anti-establishment rouges. Sunil helps the law of the country by eliminating David, Malik, Khare, Kundan, one by one. Sunil surrenders to law while Sonali's sister, Sunil's friend lay down their lives for the cause of the good.