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Chal Mere Bhai DVD

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Chal Mere Bhai DVD



Chal Mere Bhai DVD 


Réalisateur:   David Dhawan

Avec:  Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Karishma Kapoor

Musique:  Anu Malik       

Genre: Romantique

Année: 2000

Origine: Inde  

Langues:  Hindi 

Sous-titrages: Anglais

Durée: 145 Minutes environ

Bonus:   Non

Import– Multizones

Vicky (Sanjay Dutt) and Prem (Salman Khan) are two brothers

who love each other so much that they can sacrifice

anything for each other. Vicky is sincere and hardworking

and handles their whole family business whereas Prem is

interested in dramas and acting. Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) who

is in search of a job comes to Vicky's office for a

secretary's job. Vicky is not impressed by Sapna and

refuses to give her the job. However, softened by her

tears, Vicky's father Mr. Balraj Oberoi (Dalip Tahil) gives

Sapna the job. Sapna once saves Vicky's life and the family

thinks she is the perfect girl for Vicky. Even Vicky starts

liking her. On the other hand, Prem and Sapna fall in love

with each other.

Now follow the sacrifices. When Prem comes to know that

Vicky loves Sapna, he behaves that he is a womaniser and

drunkard so that Sapna will hate him.

Of the star cast Sanjay Dutt is a misfit in the comic role.

He is very good in action scenes. As for Salman Khan, he

just repeats his natural self. He has shown a great flair

for acting. In a few scenes, he is excellent. Karisma

Kapoor is the best of the lot. Her gorgeous wardrobe is a

treat to watch and she performs well.

The music is a tolerable with a couple of songs which are

hummable. Generally, it is a watchable film.