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Asambhav DVD

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Asambhav  DVD


Asambhav  DVD

Réalisé par :Rajiv Rai

Avec : Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, Naseeruddin Shah
Musique : Viju Shah
Genre : Romantique/Action
Durée : 140 Minutes environs
Année : 2004
Sous titrage:
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 The film narrates the story of Aadit Arya (Arjun Rampal), a Captain in the Indian Army on an undercover mission to Switzerland. The high action drama and danger of an undercover mission, the twists and turns, the underlying tension, the escapades and the chases accompanying the glamour and oomph, all form a part of the story providing edge of the seat entertainment to the viewer. In our attempt to provide an insight on to the filming we now turn the clock backwards for you to follow Captain Arya's Mission - 'Asambhav' providing a day to day account of the filming. The first Indian film to invite you to be a part of our unit... to be a part of Mission - 'Asambhav'.