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  • Aap Ki Khatir (old)- DVD

C.I.D (new Vinod)- DVD

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Movie Name : C.I.D


Movie Name : C.I.D
Release Date : 25 May 1990
Director : Ajay Goel
Music Director : Kalyanji-Anandji
Subtitles : English
Cast : Vinod Khanna, Amrita Singh, Juhi Chawla, Suresh Oberoi

C.I.D. inspector Veer (Vinod Khanna) wages a relentless war against crime. His nemesis is Roshan Lala (Kiran Kumar) the overlord of the drug and gold smuggling rackets, in India. In order to convict Roshan Lala, inspector Veer infiltrates a young undercover officer Raksha (Juhi Chawla) into his organization. However, she is discovered to be a police officer and is murdered. This is witnessed by Mr. & Mrs. Saxena (Bharat Kapoor and Aparajita) whose daughter Meghna (Amrita Singh) is engaged to Inspector Veer. Inspite of Meghna's furious protests, Inspector Veer convinces Mr. & Mrs. Saxena to bear witness in court against Roshan Lala.....Does Inspector Veer convict Roshan Lala or does he lose his beloved forever? Does Roshan Lala Succeed in his designs? For a totally unexpected and shocking conclusion…One has to watch this Action Thriller