Brahmchari - DVD
  • Brahmchari - DVD

Brahmchari - DVD

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Réalisé par : G.P.Sippy



Réalisé par : G.P.Sippy

Avec : Shammi Kapoor, Rajshree, Mumtaz, Pran
Musique : Shankar
Genre : Romantique/Drame
Durée : 175 Minutes environs
Année : 1968
Sous titrage:
Import - Multizones

Bhramchari is a good-hearted poor young man whose vocatino in his life is to give heart and home to a dozen orphans whom he shelters in his home, which is Brahmchari Ashram.

One day, he saves a pretty girl Sheetal from committing suicide. She is brought to the Ashram, where she is happy to be surrounded by Brahmchari''s kids. She tells her sad fate. Ravi, a wealthy man whose father was her father''s dearest friend, has jilted her. Their fathers had vowed that their children would be united in matrimony, but the young man has thrown her out. Brahmchari then embarks on an intensive course to modernize Sheetal--make her sophisticated society girl, because Ravi always has a soft corner for such girls in his heart and is currently carrying a torrid love affair with Roopa, whom he has promised to marry.

Sheetal, now completely modernized, comes in touch with Ravi, who does not recognize her as the same girl he had jilted. But she recognizes him for a despicable fellow and wishes only to avenge herself on him for the insult she had suffered at his hands. By now, Sheetal has developed sincere affection for Brahmchari, who is struggling against great odds to earn enough money to lift the mortgage for the house in which he and his children are living.